We happened to meet great people who, with heart, passion, enthusiasm, devotion have committed themselves through various activities to somehow have destitute children of the world smile again, to let them be, as much as it is possible, Happy Kids.
Working in the field and fully devoted to the pursuit of their objective, these persons are well placed to determine their financial needs but therefore have not the time and opportunities to gather the required funds.

Being well aware of this difficulty we made up our mind to establish the Association Happy Kids in 2007.
With the support of our families, friends and soon, we hope yourselves, we are endeavouring to entertain a feeling of solidarity whereby everybody is free to contribute his or her own way. Donations are welcome but equally ideas, proposals, and time, good will that help forging a new link of this chain.

To give one or the other will make you a member of the Association.
Active and with a sense of solidarity.

There are associations in our circle; they are the ones that brought us to establish the Association Happy Kids. You will find their name and a description of their activities under “beneficiaries”.
With hopefully larger means we will widen the circle further with the wish and will to always see more smiling children and more Happy Kids wherever we will be able to help.

Some projects are under way for which we need funds. You will find their description under “projects”.

There is an African saying that goes as follows:

“For a child to grow up, the whole village is needed.”