We are looking for the following funds:

a) For our projects in India :

1) in Chennai (Madras) :

  • At least CHF 200.- per year to finance our kindergarten.
  • CHF400.- per year or CHF 35.- monthly over 12 years (or CHF 4'800.- in one go) to cover a child's complete education from nursing school to the end of secondary school.

2) in Rajasthan

  • USD 10'000.- to support the action of the local NGO to stop the baby girls feticide and infanticide in India.
  • "Projet Lala" in Jaipour, CHF 5’000 for financing the medical treatment of several children.

     b) Funds to help covering the yearly requirements     

  • For Enfants des Collines, Népal, Enfance et Lumière and Resonance Zanrcin, Ici & Ailleurs : funds to help them cover their yearly requirements.