• In April-May, creation of the Lala project in Jaipur
    The 24th of April event “NOUS”
    In January, inauguration of the school in Rajasthan.


  • Building of a class room in Rajasthan


  • Trip in Feb to Rajastan with the first sponsor
  •  Le P’tit Festival pour la Vie took place the 15th of june in The Salle des Spectacles of Renens, which celebrated its 2nd anniversary.


  • On Tuesday the 14th of May 2013, MARC DONNET-MONAY, the well-known Swiss humorist, presented his latest one-man show:"Marc Donnet-Monay transmet sa joie" as a funds raising event. The performance took place at the Epalinges community hall.
  • We are continuing with our regular efforts to collect funds and following-up our various projects.


  • Carrying on with our regular efforts to collect funds. Follow-up of our various projects. Organization of the event of 14th May next year.


  • No spectacular event this year but a patient work to introduce the association, keep in touch with the donors, endeavour to find new ones. Unfortunately the funds made themselves scarce and we thus were unable to reiterate the previous years' donations toour usual beneficiaries. We were however in a position to maintain our support to the Chennai kindergarten, to Ilayadasan, to Shiba and keep on fighting against infanticides of girls in India. We gave priority to our long term school sponsorship project which number increased from 10 to 23 in 2011. At the beginning of the year we collected second-hand furniture from friends and relatives and were able to entirely furnish a flat which the Geneva social services had put at the disposal of a family arrived from Mauritius to have their little daughter treated at Geneva hospital.



  • Various presentations of the association to potential sponsors.



  • Mr. Urweider, our generous donor of cuddly toys, a large number of which we have already been able to distribute the world over, proposed that we select a series in his new collection. Every sold article is bringing CHF 0.50 (or the counter value for sales abroad) to Happy Kids. We have selected the super cute elephant PADDY which is now on sale as from January in numerous shops (including department stores) with a label around its neck advertising this action. Buy PADDY and let it be known around you. Mr. Urweider has chosen to support the project "Stop the baby girls feticide and infanticide in India" which is a project aiming at fighting against these murders related to the question of the dowry, which was yet forbidden by Mrs Gandhi, by explaining to the teenagers, the mothers, the grandmothers the importance of these little lives. Nowadays only 700 out of 1000 baby girls reach the age of one year.
  • The performance of La Moulinette, the Lausanne review, on 11th November was a sold-out and has allowed the start of the educational sponsorships. It is a program which is aimimg at giving to a destitute child' a complete education from nursing school to the end of secondary school.
  • The Kiwanis of Prilly devoted their traditional Halloween action to our storyteller Diane Baatard who is active at CHUV and HUG. This allowed us to double her time with the hospitalized children.
  • The cloths, toys and small furniture, gathered last year, forwarded in December, have safely reached our crèche in Chennai.



  • Giving away lots of cuddly toys received from Mr.Urweider.
  • The moving in May of our kindergarten in Chennai to a new location with more space, more light and better convenience.
  • The significant improvement of Ilayadasan’s health and morale.
  • Sales of handicrafts at market places. In June in Morges and in September in Jouxtens.
  • In December of twelve boxes weighing in total 266 kilos, containing second-hand cloths, toys and kindergarten furniture.


  • On the 14th of Novembre 2007, at the former cinema Eldorado in Lausanne, Happy Kids organized an evening in collaboration with the troupe La Moulinette who presented a satirical review of local events. Prior and after the performance a buffet prepared free of charge by friends of the association was offered to the audience. The evening was a success and yielded CHF 6'000.- which were equally shared between the associations Enfance et Lumière, enfants des collines and Happy Kids for one of our projects in India.. 
  • « enfants des collines »’ vice-president, Cléa Rupp, travelled to Benin in October 2007 and stayed until January 2008. She observed that both school and sponsorships were running well. In view of the positive results obtained by micro-credits during the first season, the dedicated amount was increased. 
  • In the course of a private journey to India in September, Nathalie, our president, visited Chennai where she had the pleasure to observe that the kindergarten sponsored by HK is a real success, the thirty kids are beaming and perfectly fed. Every day around 11 o’clock every child receives a glass of milk with 2 gr. of spirulin, vegetarian meals are prepared with fresh vegetables. The educator, Victoria, keeps a do-it-yourself diary for each child who does a DIY each month based on a monthly chosen and developed theme based on a yearly program.
  •  In Chennai, Nathalie also met with Ilayadasan who is thirteen and suffering from a very serious kidney disease. He has to have a dialysis three times a week and is awaiting a kidney graft. To his intention a special funds gathering has been done in order to pay for the present and future treatments. Nathalie bought for him books, jigsaw puzzles, pencils and paper and also a tape recorder to study English. We will follow Ilayadasan on his way to recovery and will keep you informed.
  • In Pondichery, Nathalie spent a night at the guest house belonging to the Indian association and met two orphans, Swathika and Ramanan whom Happy Kids decided to sponsor. Unfortunately Ramanan persisted in his bad behaviour in spite of repeated warnings. Therefore, and with the sponsors’ agreement, we transferred the sponsorship to a thirteen year old girl, Shiba.
  • Still in Pondicherry, Nathalie granted a micro-credit to a particularly destitute mother enabling her to buy ten goats.
  • Various handicraft items manufactured by abandoned mothers in India were directly imported and sold between October and December at the association’s address in Jouxtens. The profit thereof has been partially used to supply the above mentioned micro-credit.
  •  In August and September more than 3'000 kg new and used toys and cloths were gathered by Happy Kids, out of which 250 kg were transported to Chennai and delivered to the kindergarten there, the remaining was shared between an orphanage in Bali, the association Arc-en-Ciel in Renens, and the convent of the Sisters of the Charity of Ingenbohl in Fribourg in favour of destitute people in Switzerland and Romania.
  • A former commercial partner of our president committed to deliver 400 kg chickpeas monthly to the association Speed Trust in Chennai thus covering the protein requirement of the children. 
  • Organisation of the transportation of used books to Kigali in favour of the association “Lire et Jouer à Kirambo” (Read and Play in Kirambo)